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OffBeat Ninja, BOOGYMANBLAK & Mighty Jay Mac form the Toonami Rejects. From Florida, Michigan and Nevada, these three gifted artists use their talents collectively to bring you Adulthood. With Off Beat Ninja on the production, Blak & Mighty Jay Mac tame these crafty and head nodding beats with stories and catchy metaphors.

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released September 2, 2013

All Production by Off Beat Ninja
All Songs were written by Blak & Mighty Jay Mac
DJ Cuts on "Intro" & "The Master" were performed by Mighty Jay Mac



all rights reserved


Toonami Rejects

Lovers of hip hop, fans of anime, innovators of the 31st century. Together we form "Toonami Rejects"

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Track Name: Grown Man (Ft. Blak)
Cold summer/ hotter winters
40 in the brown paper bag/ drug dealin' (wussup)
backpack rapper/ no paper trail
just describing the ill/ yall catch up later
crocodile gators
Buick Riviera/ bumping "36 Chambers"
that would get us through our problems/ when we was young and wylin'
seeings stars like Bootsy Collins
no college education/ just Madden in the basement
every summer was like "Californication"
minimum wage/ was enough to get us laid
Foot Locker kicks/ Betty Crocker/ get ya cake up
pops provider/ food on the table before we wake up
Toonami Rejects up in here (say wha?)
pretty girls/ Sanaa Lathan/ at the shows/ goin' bacon
excuse me h.a.m/ that's that young man talk
grown man/ with grown man bills/ that grown man walk
this that "yall should've never gave me a mic flow"
when I get the goin'/ I'm like Angelou when I'm flowin'
from Dilla Central/ that's where I was born (Bourne)
Jason/ authentic identity/ that's why the real is into me
feel the love/ feel the vibe/ feel the energy
you can't duplicate it/ just admire my greatness
admire my genius/ stay off my penis
i'm rockin all the shows like i'm shooting up arenas (Arenas)
you are not involved/ you ain't seein' what we seein'
sinner with the cross in hand/ lookin' for a reason
this is our season/ Adulthood
Jay Mac & Offbeat and it's all good
Track Name: 25th Hour (Ft. Blak & Mighty Jay Mac)
Blak (1)
what's up cousin?
we out here tryin to elevate
never hesitatin' to be something
gotta be somebody/ nobody understand ya circumstances
never runnin like Usain/ that's just insane
conquering thangs/ through all these laws of physics
even in my triple threat/ I never lose my pivot
they say the good die young/ I have to disagree
take a look at this black boy who is still livin'
the kid take his time when he grindin'
like Brady when in pocket/ treat my angles like they linemen
never knock em off they alignment/ what is you stupid?
you up against the God/ you'll never beat those odds
my homies say that they be inspired by Blak
I tell em all my works come from a higher power
25th hr and I'm still on it
still zonin'/ flow still potent
gotta get em folk

Blak (3)
grab my nephew by his shoulder
lil bit older
tell em life a battlefield we need more soldiers
more leaders/ God seekers
blacker than Don Cheadle
but you can learn a lot from these features
grow the game up/ what don't kill us cannot phase us
history been written on us/ let's erase it
let's change it
this brotherhood bond is so sacred
tryin' to build off the basics that I was taught
my brother said, "you inspire me Blak"
I told em that my vision comes from a higher power
25th hr and I'm still on it
stay zonin'/ flow still potent
gotta love it folk
Track Name: Nxt Generation (Ft. Blak)
Blak/white shirt with the plaid tees
chuck taylors/ hoovering over the concrete
lost my grandmother/ got me thinkin bout'
what's up next for us up comers/ stay blessed my brothers
underneath this cover/ is a heart that's tarnished
Bradly Cooper/ found the "Silver Lining" through all that karma
o your honor
talkin to God through Steve Jobs inventions/ face to face interventions
livin' in hell where these brothers dissin'
guess they ain't listen to Blak on that record, "Talkin Bout"
grown man bars this is real life stuff
don't compare my story to yours/ cus that's light work cousin
I been through that
I can show you how to maneuver/ pull out yo pen & pad
this bout' to get deep
this is ill/ it's real in the field/ real recognize real
stainless steel to the grill
black on "Blak"/ disturbed youth
Trayvon Martin/ beg ya pardon/ that's another heart that's hardened
"Houston we got a problem"/ James Harden
D-1 scholarship/ but he ain't quite a scholar yet
nxt generation/ look at all this time we wastin'
sick of waitin' for change/ I'm runnin out of patience
this is Blak rockin'/ with the homie Jay Mac
solider for God is my occupation